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About Patrice Diechelle & Team



Patrice Diechelle

Patrice is a young woman aspiring to use her gifts divinely gifted to her from God through poetic expression and the spoken word to bless others. With a heart filled with a passion she lives to give and leave the spaces she touches better off than they were when she arrived. Patrice’s life long relationship with the word has provided a body of work that promises to leave listeners filled with hope, love and praise. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, she also has a passion for our hungry community and homeless neighbors. She is a wife to her amazingly loving and supportive husband, Lex and mother to their beautiful daughter, Olivia. Her biggest passion is found in her poets heart and having the opportunity to perform and bless others through the written word.

What’s with the lady bug?

On every special occasion in my life, many were on the biggest days of my life, I have seen a lady bug fly over me or present itself on me or a loved one. While some believe these symbolize luck I have faith in a higher power I call my Lord and Savior. To me, these beautiful ladybugs are small reminders that if we quiet ourselves enough we can see the small and beautiful things in life.

Annicca Henson

Director of Editing and Creative Artistry Support

Annicca is a huge support to Patrice Diechelle on several levels providing administrative, design, artistic and editing support for all content, events and projects. With a writers heart Annicca is a talent in her own.

Maurice Henson

Assistant Producer and Supporting Artist

Maurice, twin brother to Patrice is a talent of his own. Offering creative production support and performing at Patrice Diechelle events he is a huge asset to the team and a lyrical master with the word. A rapper, lyricist and spoken word artist who uses his talents to bless others through encouragement and hope with his verses based on biblical truths. With a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies and emphasis in music production and technology he also has produced his own mix tapes and projects.

Thomas Dawson, Jr.

Recording Engineer

His Grace at Work recorded at Mountain Nest Studio, Colorado Springs, Colorado

A special thanks from Patrice Diechelle

God has blessed me more than my heart can understand. I want to thank my loving husband, Lex for always seeing the beauty in me and believing in my dreams. I also want to thank my Mother and Father for the foundation of love they have given me and always staying in my corner. To my family and beautiful friends-I love you dearly.

I had the awe-inspiring opportunity to record my poetry and spoken word work with a legend. My first project titled: His Grace at Work was recorded and produced by Thomas Dawson, Jr. His wonderful wife, Roslyn has been a huge encouraging support to our lives. You both have taught us so much. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you. Love you both dearly.

Photography by Anna Donahue, AGO Inspirations