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Encouragement for the Heart


I pray this finds you knowing how loved you are by God. Sometimes this is hard to remember with the world we live in. Here are some encouraging words and thoughts I want to share directly from me! Thank you for stopping by!

“I don’t know many things. But a few things I know for sure… I know that God is a healer to us all. I know that He brought me from some of my dimmest, loneliest and most destructive days. And I am here standing. I woke up this morning! Not perfect, not without sin or even that good but He is good and I know Him. And He has given me the opportunity to reach for my greatness to be good, my potential to be better than I was before and the wonderful belief that I can not just touch but attain my biggest dreams. He is my healer. Will you give Him your broken? Your pain? Your heart? He is a healer and He can make our secrets, our storms and weakness something beautiful. I know He is real and He loves me.”

“I am in awe of the capacity the heart can withstand for life. It can weep, breathe life, carry sorrows and shout joys of happiness and still beat on. It reminds you of who you are, how much you can grow, how beautiful you are and how great you can be. It reminds you to love the people around you and love yourself. What a gift.”

“Some people who have rough past turn out to be diamonds in the rough.” You never know someone’s story, where they have been or been through. Be kind and love.

This morning on my silent drive to work I found myself searching for encouragement and His peace. The one sentence that came to me on my silent drive was, “Are you available for God to work in you? It’s not all about our ability but our availability.” I felt such a relief knowing that if I just open my heart to God and allow Him to lead me and actually listen that I can be used.

Photography by Shannon Coker Photography,