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Patrice Diechelle

My Prayer

The gift to be heard can be healing. I feel so blessed to have an outlet to share my thoughts, prayers and ideas. I thought what better way to kick this blog off than to share a heart pray with you. Visit often or just once in a while. Thank you for taking time to read my words.

Realizing some of my biggest regrets were all centered on me not centering on Him. The more I tried to confide in myself the more I lost my time with the Holy Spirit and listening to His voice to guide me. So my prayer will always and continue to be a prayer of thanks and a prayer to guide, love, direct, and center me on what is real.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray You give me courage to pursue the desires of my heart which You alone have given me. I pray that the sweet water of life will be showered over my life, relationships, and decisions. I pray that my life will shine for You-my creator to build the beautiful kingdom of Christ. I pray that through the weakest of my days in my walk I take time for rest to be rejuvenated in the power of Christ and knowing I have a purpose. I pray that I will build my armor each moment, day and through the years to be prepared for the things ahead of me. I praise You for my life, love and the creation of all things. I thank you for my husband, Lex and daughter and the blessing of family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In your son Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.